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Modulating Control Actuator

ITT Aerospace Controls’ Modulating Control Actuator (MCA) is the next step in electromechanical actuation from the leader in Aerospace Electromechanical Actuation.  The MCA allows position control to any position from zero to ninety degrees. Using a non-bac...

aerospace compact actuator, compact actuator, actuation system

Compact Actuator

ITT Aerospace Controls’ Compact Actuator is a non-backdrivable rotary actuator using a permanent magnet DC motor with separate electro-mechanical switches for position limit and indication at each end of travel, eliminating the possibility of a latent failu...

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Opto Electronic Actuator

ITT Aerospace Controls’ patented Opto Electronic Actuator (OEA) uses optical, non-contact, position sensing with solid state switching and incorporates an electrically isolated output shaft. The Opto-electronic switches and a solidstate H-bridge motor dr...

aerospace linear actuator, aerospace actuators

Harsh Environment Linear Actuator

Robust utility actuators designed for the most demanding aircraft applications.

electromechanical actuator, aerospace actuator

Compact Linear Actuator

We offer a wide range of electromechanical linear actuators for specific and demanding applications.   Our linear actuators utilize machine screw drive systems and long life permanent magnet motors. A wide range of static and dynamic load and speed req...

aircraft actuator, aircraft linear actuator, servo actuator aircraft

Dual Motor Actuator

Our dual motor actuator is deal for use in Environmental Control Systems (ECS) where the actuator's redundant system is necessary in such Safety Critical applications.

electromechanical actuation, control actuation system

Dual Motor Low Profile Actuator

The Dual Motor Low Profile Actuators has redundant dual permanent magnet DC motors with position indication, electrical and visual. 

airplane actuators, actuation systems, mechanical linear actuator

Linear Actuator

Hi-Rel Linear Actuators using machine screw drive systems and long life PM Motors feature non-jamming mechanical stops, fixed or adjustable electrical limits, switched or continuous feedback positions and many other options.

electric rotary actuator, rotary actuators electric, electrical rotary actuator

Low Profile Rotary Actuator

The Low Profile Rotary Actuator from ITT Aerospace Controls is a compact design which allows for applications in areas where height restrictions prevent the incoproration of “chimney” style actuators. These units feature a worm gear drive system which pr...

aircraft actuators, electric rotary actuator high torque, dc rotary actuator

Narrow Body Low Profile Rotary Actuator

The Narrow Body, LowProfile Rotary Actuato rfrom ITT AerospaceControls is ideal for any environment where an actuator is required with severe space and envelope restrictions. These units feature a worm gear drive system which prevents back-driving while al...

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