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Noise Control

Bellows connectors, Low Pressure ECS Hoses, Low Pressure ECS Ducting

Low Pressure ECS Ducting, Hoses & Bellows Connectors

Under the former Industrial Tube Company LLC brand, ITT has been manufacturing a wide range of ECS components and systems for over 40 years. We supply build to print components, designed components and ducting systems. We work with OEMs through Tier 2 suppl...

Aircraft Mufflers, Aircraft Acoustic panels, Aircraft Noise Control, Aircraft Noise Control Systems, APU Exhaust Silencers, Aircraft Mufflers

Aircraft Mufflers

Under the former AcousticFab brand, ITT is the leading supplier of custom designed aircraft noise control systems for APU and ECS applications. We will design, develop and manufacture custom solutions to meet your noise reduction requirements. Below is a li...