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aircraft butterfly valves, aerospace butterfly valves, airplane butterfly valves

Butterfly Valves

We offer highly reliable, low weight aerospace butterfly valves for high volume, low pressure requirements. Aluminum material, line sizes 2" to 9", flow capacity 50 GPM to 400 GPM and more. 

airplane ball valve, aircraft ball valves, Jettison Valves, aerospace ball valves

Aircraft Jettison Valves

Ideal for hydraulic fluid, water, fuel, pneumatics or coolant, our Ball valves are highly reliable and low weight. Aluminum or stainless steel materials, line sizes 1/2" to 1-1/2", flow capacity 50 GPM to 400 GPM, pressure ranges from 500 to 5000 PSI. 

Aircraft Composite Valves, Aerospace Composite Valve, Composite Valves

Composite Valves

Since the introduction of our first composite products in 1985, ITT has developed a range of formulations providing for compliance with all aspects of modern aerospace component specifications.

Aircraft Custom Valves, Aerospace Custom Valves, Custom Valves, Aircraft Relief Valves

Custom Valves

Our custom valves are continually expanding to provide our customers with custom valves and product combinations that meet their specific aerospace application requirements.

Grey Water Drain Valves, Aircraft Gate Valves, gate valves

Gate Valves

Ideal for pneumatics, fuel, hydraulic fluid, or coolant. Our high volume, low pressure Gate valves are highly reliable and low weight. Aluminum material, line sizes 1" to 2", flow rates 50 GPM to 130 GPM. Our Gate valves can be actuated with an In-Line act...

Aerospace Solenoid Valves, Aircraft Solenoid Valves, solenoid valves

Solenoid Valves

To support demanding applications, we offer solenoid valves for high temperatures and fast response (listed separately). Our lightweight and rugged solenoid valves offer a cartridge design that allows for easy mounting in pressure manifolds (threaded housi...

Aircraft Sleeve Valves, Aircraft Spool Valves, Spool Valves

Spool Valves

To precisely regulate low volume, high pressure applications, we offer a highly reliable, low weight spool valves and sleeve valve products. Aluminum material, typically used with a Single Motor Upright or Opto actuator. Spool valves are ideal for hydraulic...