1173T Miniature Temperature Switch

Miniature Temperature Switch
Miniature Temperature Switch. Set Point, -40°F to +550°F. Calibration Tolerance, ± 10°F. Deadband, from 7°F minimum. Proof pressure, up to 1500 psig. - This hermetically sealed switch with welded stainless steel construction features a saturated vapor probe thermal system to achieve quick response and repeatable set points.
  • Set point range from: -40°F to +550°F (-40°C to +288°C)
  • Calibration tolerance ±10°F
  • Deadband range from 7°F minimum
  • Probe proof temperature up to 100°F above set point or 600°F maximum
  • Probe proof pressure up to 1500 psig
  • SPDT snap action switch element
  • Electrical chamber hermetically sealed per MIL-HDBK-5400 Para. 3.8
  • Temperature Range: Ambient -65°F to +275°F (-54°C to +135°C)
  • Vibration capability to 15G’s
  • Time constant less than 10 seconds