Ridge Seal Valve

The ITT Aerospace Controls 2” Ridge Seal Valve is an electric motor actuated, normally closed segmented ball valve. The Ridge seal configuration eliminates typical ball valve seal contact and wear.  The majority of the seal is not in contact with the segmented ball during transition from “Close” to “Open” or vice versa, except in fully closed position.  Point contact rather than line contact during the transition results in lower friction/torque in transition. This design maximizes seal life, minimizes operating torque, and reduces leakage over valve operating life. Ridge Seal Valve supports both fuel and nitrogen-enriched air flow systems.
  • No-resistance flow, same as ball valve performance
  • Reduced mass over standard ball valve
  • Reduced friction/torque during opening/closing of valve
  • Spring-energized seal for improved seal life
  • Compatible with any rotary actuator

Dimensional images