Dual Motion Motor Operated Valves

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The 3” Dual Motion Valve from Aerospace Controls is an electric motor actuated, normally closed segmented ball valve.  The ball segment retracts linearly from the spring-energized seal prior to rotational transition to fully opened position. This design effectively eliminates sliding and friction wear of the seal contact during valve opening and closing operations, maximizes seal life, minimizes operating torque, and reduces leakage over the valve operating life. Our Dual Motion Shutoff Valve supports both fuel and nitrogen-enriched air flow systems.

Dual Motion Mechanism

  • Robust sequencing driver and eccentric shaft mechanism linearly retracts the valve disk from seal surface and rotates the valve disk to open. The reverse sequence controls valve closing.
  • Maximizes seal life
  • Reduces leakage
  • Minimizes operating torque and pressure drop

Electric Motor Operated Rotary Actuator

  • High reliability optical switches for position control, as used in many qualified commercial and military aircraft applications
  • Qualified to RTCA/DO-160 environmental and electrical requirements
  • Modular, adaptable to any valve.

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