Low Pressure ECS Hoses

Bellows connectors, Low Pressure ECS Hoses, Low Pressure ECS Ducting
Under the former Industrial Tube Company LLC brand, ITT has been manufacturing a wide range of ECS components and systems for over 40 years. We supply build to print components, designed components and ducting systems. We work with OEMs through Tier 2 suppliers, with no opportunity too small or large for us to design and manufacture. Our upgraded facilities allow us to manufacture products with low costs, to the high quality standards of aerospace.
  • Composite ducts
  • Flexible hoses
  • Insulated hoses and ducts
  • Straight connectors
  • Bellows connectors
  • Plenums
  • Vents
  • Noise attenuation ducts
  • Noise attenuation hoses
  • Low cost
  • Low weight
  • High reliability
  • Custom end fittings
  • Integrated parts
  • Hybrid components